About WikiRumours

WikiRumours is a web- and mobile-based platform for moderating misinformation and disinformation. The software is free and open source under an MIT license, which means that it can be used for open, commercial, or proprietary use without mandatory attribution. That said, we're always eager to hear the uses for which people employ our software, so please let us know how you're using WikiRumours.

WikiRumours is the brainchild of the Sentinel Project.

How it works

WikiRumours is both a piece of software and an implied workflow for triaging and responding to misinformation and disinformation.

WikiRumours workflow

There are several unique types of user in WikiRumours, which has conditional logic associated with each user type:

Role Responsibilities
Community Member Enters and annotates rumours in the system
Proxy Enters rumours on behalf of other users who may not have direct connectivity to the WikiRumours platform (i.e. intake from walk-ins, SMSes, voicemail)
Community Liaison Updates rumour status and relays information to/from communities
Moderator Triages new rumours and assigns to community liaisons; can update rumour status
Administrator Varying levels of permission for modifying rumours, users, website content, etc.